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Matted Prints and Stand-Up's by Scott Plaster

Matted Prints

High-Quality print-on-demand (limited quantity) reproductions in bevelled matts in clear plastic bags. Available in 8"x10" (5"x7" image size) and 11"x14" (8"x10" image size). Larger sizes can be custom ordered.


4"x6" Stand-Up prints are mounted on foamboard or matte board with a tab in the back so they stand up without a frame! Green concept using leftover materials rather than discarding them.

"Series of Beetles" - matted prints (Hover to see larger image)

"Beedles - George"

"Beedles - John"

"Beedles - Paul"

"Beedles - Ringo"

"Collection of Flies" - matted prints (Hover to see larger image)

"Fly East"

"Fly North"

"Fly South"

"Fly West"

Whimsical Animals - matted prints and stand-ups (Hover to see larger image)

"Running Rooster"

"Cosmic Cow"

"Neon Duck"

"Shaggy Sheep"

"Mystic Tiger"

"Cry Baby"

"Pelican Peeking"

"Miami Lewie"

"Monty Meerkat"

"Crooked Smile"

"Crab in Space"

"Psychic Monkey"

Other (landscapes & Abstracts) - matted prints (Hover to see larger image)

"Healing Springs"

"Tazewell Mountain"

"Watauga Cabin"

"Moonrise Sunset"

"We 'Sale' Stamps"

"Look What Washed Up"

Composition in Purple and Orange

2010. All works and images copyright of Scott Plaster. US Copyright Registration Number VA 1-647-803. All rights reserved.